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About Us

Enjoy our treasures from an aware perspective is our dream. 

The feeling of defay gravity and the joy that provokes the magnificent underwater aesthetics,  mixed with warm and honest guidance. The opprotunity to know a little bit of the why´s of the form, the understanding of the function, the relevance of the structure or simply to contemplate into a safe environment. We want it to be a fulfilling and special experience. 

Awareness from a philosophical perspective is a habit acquired through practice of virtue. It is the relationship of the soul with itself. What better place for that than... underwater

Crew members

A cocktail of natural sciences, ethnography, cartography, photography; curious of the underwater world, a little bit of deep talkers about our landscape, the community, the health of our resources, and the beauty of this territory, 


El Mau

Instructor y guía

Open Water instructor, Full cave diver; experienced guide in ocean and cenotes. A lot of experience in SCUBA. Naturalist, cartographer, and cheap philosopher. Background in professional teaching in aquatic biology and GIS. Passionate of sharing and learning. 



Manager, photographer and Guide

Brillant mind behind the operation, organization and incredible sense of responsability. Natural athlette, photographer, tarot therapist, with an aquate sense of aestethics and warm personality. 

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